Thursday, December 5, 2013

His Reflection--Not Her's?--A Parable

His Reflection

       Once Upon A Time, in an old Village there lived a group of Women who would listen attentively to the Wise elder teach the male villagers about a Mystical River that gave forth the Water of Eternal Life and Happiness. These Women marveled at his words and would often talk about the Mystical River among themselves. After the Wise elder stopped speaking the male villagers would return to their huts to pray, The Women stayed behind and, out of love, would cook for the Wise elder, mend his clothes, soothe his aches, and would sit in silence with him when he prayed.

            One day to the surprise of all the villagers the Wise elder was no where to be found. The Women were very troubled by his absence and the male villagers began to doubt that they would ever find the Mystical River he spoke about. So, filled with despair the male villagers went back to their huts to pray. The women, however, went out into the forest to search for the Wise elder pretending that they were going to collect wood for their stoves.

            As they walked through the forest they would call out his name, but, there was no response. Stopping to rest and quiet themselves for awhile before they returned to the village--they heard the sound of water flowing. The sound was very faint and gentle.

            They listened to the sound and followed its direction and it led them to the banks of a beautiful river that extended for miles in every direction. As they peered into the water, however, they did not see their own reflection but they saw the reflection of the Wise elder. They knew, now, that this was the Mystical River he so often spoke about.

            Excited by their discovery they ran back to the village with the Good News of their discovery. The male villagers at first did not believe the Women but they agreed to follow them to the river. When they saw the river for themselves; saw how beautiful it was; and when they peered into it and saw the reflection of the Wise elder, they believed.

            Not long after the male villagers took over the banks of the River and would not allow the Women access the River. The braves justified this rule by saying, "It was in our reflection the Wise Elder appeared when we looked into the water, and besides the Wise Elder only taught us Men about this mystery and not you Women. So, from that time on, if the Women wanted water they would first have to go to the Men of the village and asked if they may receive this gift from the River.

When YOU reflect on the Church--who do you see?