Saturday, January 11, 2014

Where are You at the Intersection of Opportunity & Action?

I Could Do That!
 by Ken Willers

       Once Upon A Time, a man, who believed himself to be both a lover of art and an artist, went to an art exhibition to view a series of new paintings. As he stood in silence before the numerous works of art he marveled at their beauty and envied the talented artists who created them. On his way out of the museum he noticed a large painting in the center of the gallery consisting of only blue and yellow stripes.

            He gazed at it and with disgust and said, "What kind of art is this? I could have done that."

            The artist of the painting, overhearing the man's comment, leaned toward him and said, "That may be true, my would-be artist, but you didn't. And, that is why my painting is hanging here and yours is not."

Reflection by Ken Willers
Leadership is not merely having the 'thought' or the 'idea' of something that 'could' be accomplished--Leadership requires the 'will' to actually 'accomplish it' and make it reality.

This type of willful leadership takes place at the 'Intersection of Opportunity & Action.'  The cross-over at this Intersection takes one to a place that owes its very existence to the leader's will to act and to make something from the opportunity presenting itself at the moment .

Regrettably, this Intersection is not heavy with traffic. One may spot passers-by from time to time or see those who are lost and arrived at the intersection by accident.

When the willful leaders arrive their pause at this Intersection is brief. They move swiftly and act with intention. They seize the opportunity before them, cross-over to their new domain and continue with the genesis that stems from their willful leadership.

Those who lead with 'coulds' stand on the corner where the light never turns green.

Those who 'act' lead by never standing on the corner.  

Where are you at the Intersection of Opportunity and Action?