Wednesday, May 7, 2014

...So, God made a Teacher...

May 5 - 9, 2014

A special PRAYER for Teacher Appreciation Days…

This is a reading from the Book of Genesis, although this part of the Book of Genesis did not actually make it into the Bible…

When the children came before him, God looked down at their beautiful faces and said:  “I need someone to help their parents shape them.”  So God made a teacher!

God said:  “I need somebody to put in countless hours of planning and preparation outside of their workday, in the early mornings and late into the evenings, and then spend the day teaching these beautiful children to read, write, compute, work as a team, draw, play music, experiment, garden, play, grow in love, and believe in themselves!!!”  So God made a teacher!

 “I need somebody with a huge heart,” said God.  “Someone to bring a child into the classroom and show them love while educating them and teaching them they are worth the whole world.  Someone who takes each precious individual, and treats that student like his or her own child.  Someone who works with every child, no matter the learning ability, and shapes his education to fit his needs.  Someone who helps every part of that child grow, day in and day out, and then carefully passes her on the next grade, the next teacher.”  So, God made a teacher.

God then said, “I need someone who can fight for what he or she believes in.  Someone who can turn a hardened shoulder towards people and governments who don’t believe their work is good enough, someone who can fight for education of children instead of education of standardized tests.  Someone who can listen to the complaints that too much money is spent on education, and then smile even while spending their hard earned money on supplies and special things to ensure that every child has what they need to learn.”  So, God made a teacher!!

God had to have someone willing to give up some of their family time to planning and grading.  Someone who would give up their lunch to a child who had none or give up their lunch break to a child who needed extra attention…God said:  “I need someone who doesn’t need to be rich in money, but wants to be rich in love!!  I need someone who is willing to continue their education and who would even give up evenings and weekends and summers to further their education to show that they are life long learners, not only to set a good example for their children, but to serve them so that they can choose who and what they want to be in life.”  So God made a teacher!!

It had to be somebody who was kind and patient, and not easily deterred.  Someone willing to cultivate, then teach.  Someone willing to plan, grade, learn, and then teach some more!!!!!  Someone who is smart and curious and creative, firm and consistent, dedicated and loyal, funny and even silly at times, always loving and steadfast…So God made a teacher.  And God saw that the teacher was good, very very good!!