Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Questions do you ask Teachers when designing 21st Century Classrooms?

Here's what we are asking our Teachers at the Madeleine....

Name(s)   ____________________________________                  _____________________________________

1.     Introductions

2.     How long have you been here?                  

3.     And why here?  (What brought you here?)

4.     What values does this school uphold and promote that overlap most directly with yours? 

5.     Walk us through the day in the life of your class.

6.     What are the aspects of teaching, learning and using the room that could stand improvement? 

-     Where are the issues, pinch points, places where you and students experience stress.

-     Furniture – tables and chairs, daily and occasionally, for collaborative & individual work.

-     Dedicated breakout space

-     Floor Space

-     Whiteboards/ teaching wall locations

-     Noise

-     Temperature  (ever too cold?)

-     Ventilation (fresh air)

-     Light/glare

-     Technology

-     Number and location of outlets and controls?

-     Computers
7.     STORAGE
a.     Student backpacks – now verses ideal

b.     Student accessed supplies and books (in classroom)

c.      Teacher accessed storage

d.     Teacher accessed locked storage

e.     School-wide storage

8.     Shared spaces – do you ever use the ECP or Library or go outside with your class?

9.     What are the school-wide and class-wide special events

10. 21st century education -- What does this mean to you?

11. What would you say Madeleine does best? 

12. What top three or four things do you wish was different?

13. What do you think of the furnishings work that was done back in 2012/2013?    Thoughts about:

Chairs -- individual chairs, rolling chairs,  with storage

Desks – individual , shared, with storage, without storage

Soft seating

Acoustical dividers for collaborative work

14. Dream a little.  Five years from now.  Your vision have been implemented.  What do you see?  What does it look like to you?

15. Anything else you’d like to add?   Or anything else we need to know?