Saturday, June 6, 2015

Books and Wells

“Once Upon A Time, there was a man who said he wanted to search for deep Wells. Before he set out to seek his desire he thought it would first be wise to consult all the great books that had been written on the subject of deep Wells. The man read many books on where to find Wells and the differences in depth that they possessed. One day while he was strolling casually along engrossed in his reading of Wells he failed to notice a large deep Well right in front of him. When he bumped into the deep Well his book flew from his hands and fell quite far into the deep recesses of the Well. The man quite upset at the loss frantically lowered a near by bucket to retrieve his book but his attempt was in vain. The man went away very sad that he lost he book for he thought, without his book, how could he ever be able to find a deep Well.”

Excerpt From: Willers, Ken. “storyteller.” iBooks. 
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Monday, June 1, 2015

My House

My House

by Ken Willers 
Once Upon A Time, there was a poor boy who had nothing he could call his own. He always relied on the generosity of others to live and he hated this dependence. So, as he got older he worked very hard,  saved his money and eventually became a very rich and self-sufficient man.
            Not long after his financial success he built himself a special house. Special because, when completed, his house would possess everything he would ever need and, that way he thought, he would never have to be dependent on anyone ever again. His house was splendid indeed, in fact it was the largest in the village. People from all around marveled at its size and grandeur and yet, wondered how he would afford its maintenance. 
            Remembering his promise never to rely on others again, he cemented his doors shut so he could never leave and he painted pictures over all the windows so no one could ever look in. He was very happy indeed because he thought, now he was self-sufficient.
            Because his house was so big it needed large amounts of electric power and fuel. As a result all the smaller homes in the town began to lose the little power they had to fuel his house. Because his house needed so much water to fill its pools and baths and to care for its plants and fields all the other smaller homes began to lose the little water they had to his large reservoirs. And, because his house needed so much food to last a life time all the other smaller homes in the town had to eat even less because of his needs. 

            As the man sat in his house with its unlimited power, endless water and ample food supply he thought to himself, “How Happy I am! Happy, because with MY HOUSE I will never ever have to take anything from anyone or be dependent on anyone ever again.”